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3 group exhibitions, 4 solo exhibitions, 53 days of photography, 5 distinct buildings.

Chios Photo Festival addresses the notion of ‘the voyage’ with seven photographic exhibitions in five distinct buildings, among which a renovated mansion of the 19th century in the area of Campos, the old butchery houses of Chios town, the restored civic building of Maria Tsakos foundation and the Chios Art Gallery in the city center.

This summer, the first Chios Photo Festival will accommodate exhibitions with the support of the Benaki Museum and the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki, all devoted to the motive power that brought about the conveyance and spread of Chian civilization and commerce to the ends of the world: New York, London, Trieste, Odessa, Bombay.

‘The voyage’ is not merely the departure in a search of new worlds. At the same time, it is the return to the homeland, both in a literal and an allegoric way. The Enlightenment and the growth of Chios through the expansion of commerce, its ordeal and its devastation at the beginning of the 19th century, the exodus of the Chians to the world, the domination in the sea routes, the ‘voyage’ itself, are all elements, which have deeply shaped its daily life, its architecture and its image. At the background is the Korais Library and the Gymnasium School of Chios and their unique collections, the medieval “Castle” with its Genoese fortresses, the area of Campos of prime and mystery, the taste of mastic in the harsh citadel-like Southern villages, the aroma of the Orient and no less to-day’s superiority of Chios in the seas of the whole world.

Civilization is the thread uniting past and present, East and West, the dream with reality. The goal of Chios Photo Festival is to promote photographic culture using Photography as a vehicle in the wonderful environment of Chios; exhibitions, photographic activities and workshops can develop Chios into a photographic centre, the intention being to enable its citizens as well as its visitors to introduce themselves in the photographic world and develop the ability to understand the photographic language.

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Chios Photo Festival 2015 Partners

Organized by: Fix The Shadows

Under the Auspices of: The Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs

In cooperation with: the North Aegean Perfecture. the Municipality of Chios

Supported by: The Benaki Museum, the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki, Maria Tsakos Foundation, the Antouaniko Mansion, “Omikron” Voluntary Action Group, Chios Nature

In Collaboration with: The Photographic club of Chios

With the assistance of: Yola Giftoula, Leonidas Leonidou, Sofia Tazoglou, Maria Tsalli, Lily Hassioti, Nikos Sdrallis, Sdrallis frameworks fine art printing and presentation, Despina Rissaki, Giannis Koilalous,

Press and Communication: Maro Anastopoulou, Anna Svinou

Artistic direction: Demetris Koilalous

Sponsors: OCEANKING Technical and Trading SA, MegaTechnica Shipyards Ltd, NAVIOS Maritime Holdings, BRIGHT special lighting

Transportation Sponsors: ASTRA Airlines, Hellenic Seaways, Blue Star Ferries

Communication Sponsors: ERT, Deftero 103,7 FM, Trito 90,9 FM, KOSMOS 93,6 FM, Athina 9,84 FM, SKAI 100,3 FM, www.CultureNow.gr PHOTOnet, www.aplotaria.gr , www.nexusmedia.gr


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